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Helen Antebi Consulting

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I'm Helen

If you're even a wee bit curious about your potential and your ability to influence  you've landed in the right spot! It can be hard work to dig out from under a pile of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve us. Whether it's a small or large-scale change, getting out of your own way can be the most rewarding experience of your life! Life-changing learning is the point at which we create meaning and experience acute relevance and when repeated over time, we build resilience.

READY TO JOIN US? Skip the line-up of voices in your head, let yourself through and LET'S GO!

Seeking more of that feeling of doing your best work to be a natural influence?


We Do

We work with you on whatever is important to you. Our work is about what we facilitate in each moment, in a conversation, through a challenge and the joy of achievement. Whether you're leading yourself, a group or an organization, we ask questions that often reveal profound insights.

Looking for innovative ways to work with your team?​

Feeling an intuitive pull to align with the authentic leader in you?​


We Offer

Our clients learn to create conditions for success, whatever ‘success’ means to them. Whether it is for an organization-wide change, psychological health and safety, or a difficult conversation, working with you to facilitate insight and awareness is only the beginning. When you learn with innovative techniques that engages multiple dynamic neural pathways, your capacity to grasp concepts and apply them to everyday work and life takes stronger hold.      Et voilà! You create new meaning for yourself that sticks - things you can't un-know.

Change & Transformation

As change catalysts, we facilitate opportunities for transformation and if we do a good job, afterwards, you transform all on your ownsome! We guide you through a shift in organizational culture that will move you towards your desired future. We help you use frameworks and structure to be confident to expand and adapt from your foundation and to be brilliant failures when you need to be.

Facilitation, Retreats & Workshops

Our sessions are co-designed with you and can be one session to a series of sessions over months (lifetime memberships have been recently discontinued        ). Together, we explore the unique realities and perceptions of your group. We infuse fun and creativity, supporting a 'level playing field' for everyone to participate.

Conflict Mediation

We explore the capacity for empowerment and mutual recognition of the those involved.  We build or rebuild trust incrementally and with conscious awareness for individual needs in the moment. We slow down so you can be present to the process and the people involved. Working together, we help build capacity to lean into challenging relational dynamics.


We offer coaching for your unique needs, strengths and skills, preparing you to rise confidently to your next challenge. Whether you're looking for a significant shift in your career or exploring your limitless potential, we ask powerful questions that get you wondering, reflecting and often smiling! We then get to watch as you open new doors for yourself and humbly and proudly walk through them. 



Learn to Play, Play
to Learn

Our facilitation style uses different creative media to bring out the playfulness in you. By combining intentionally crafted experiential activities with lighthearted fun, we help create the conditions for your inner wisdom to surface.







A Few Organizations We're Grateful to Call Clients

We have been fortunate to work with a brilliant (said with Scottish flare) group of individuals and organizations who have trusted us to guide them towards positive outcomes. We are grateful for our clients (past and present) and feel honored to have been a part of their journey. 

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*Plus many other awesome companies 


A Few Wee Stories 

Helen is truly one of a kind! She has been my professional development and career
coach for a couple of years. Due to the work I’ve completed, I’m now a more confident individual who doesn’t run away from conflict. I understand how to utilize my skills to the best of my abilities and have strategies to improve the skills that I need to
further develop to be the best version of myself.

Emily R, ON.

Director, Special Projects + Business Development

Helen's leadership work with our staff was incredible, the individual growth as well as team growth was significant, she truly is the
'Leadership Whisperer'.


Karen, M, ON.

Director Human Resources

Our organization's development required us to unlock the potential seen in many of our staff. The executive coaching program Helen designed and delivered which focused simply on helping our people build relationships, identify their own goals and learn to assert their ideas was an incredible success that has dramatically improved our organization.

Peter B, ON.

Executive Director


More About Us

The quality of engagement with clients is our measure of success. The quality and impact of our communication, the power and relevance of our questions, the tolerance we build to challenge and be challenged, tell us we are developing change capacity. Just the right level of discomfort is at the heart of everything we do, as it is essential to risk taking and building confidence to make a change.  Curious to learn more about what we do?



We'd love to collaborate with you

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