Helen Antebi
Certified Professional Coach

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Helen’s coaching and facilitation combines 20 years in occupational therapy with leadership and success in private practice with12 years as an executive coach and facilitator.

Helen received her coaching certification in 2005 from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara. Using both custom and standardized assessments including Myers Briggs, Bar-On Emotional Intelligence and standardized and customized 360 and peer perspective reviews, Helen facilitates insight and self awareness, helping you develop strong leadership confidence and presence.

Executives, leadership teams and senior managers have learned though Helen's facilitation, how to create environments of trust, guidance and consistency and how to return to and reestablish those conditions in times of change, challenge and disruption. Building resilience and the skills of recovery are key to long term health, growth and sustained energy and passion in our work.



Helen serves private, public and non-profit sectors with experience in policing, firefighting, engineering, public health, banking and wealth management, marketing, social services, counselling agencies, utilities and municipal organizations.She collaboratively designs 

training, workshops and facilitated sessions for groups from 4 to 100 participants.


Services are designed to meet the specific needs of her clients and the highly unique relationship dynamic that evolves through the developing trust and the experience of working together. 


Before committing to any assignment, Helen explores your needs in depth to establish fit and the potential for a meaningful and transformational process. This process of discovery forms the foundation for successful facilitation, learning and sustainable change.  


(705) 303 LEAD (5323)