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for Individuals, Groups and Organizations (and all of the above, at once!)




Change & Transformation

We work with organizations, multi-stakeholder groups and stand-alone groups. Leaders and managers often need to be fully immersed in the change conversations with all involved in a transition, so external facilitation for change management can free internal champions up to be critical thinkers with the group and not have to worry about process, group dynamics, or where to get a good cup of coffee, that’s our job! We co-create and design with you the process, project plan, engagements, communications and implementation. We can be there for the whole thing, or we can stick around in the background, ready to support specific elements, kind of like spot welding :) depending on any additional support you might need as things progress.

Facilitation, Retreats & Workshops

When we introduce a variety of media for expression with groups, we communicate through action that diversity of neurocognitive function and unique expression is embraced and is necessary for progress. We might use paints, music, improv and a range of things to build and play with, even for the most serious of topics like crucial conversations! Stimulating the imagination and space for improvisation allows people to bond through shared vulnerability. It’s true - being silly together can offer high ROI! In fact, the more we risk expressively, the more we learn about ourselves, our organizations and who we sit beside on screen or in the office. >>Facilitation and training: We design all kinds of sessions depending on your specific needs. Topics dedicated to management skills such as group dynamics and teamwork, consensus building, role transition – from peer to manager, collaboration helps create shared knowledge and understanding when we work with several managers in the same organization. >>Workshops and retreats: Frameworks for Future proofing your direction, and Strategy and Emergence Tired of your vision? Is it getting a bit blurred given the current pace of change? Team visions, project visions even organizational vision can get outdated depending on how masterful you have become at being agile! We can help you think about visioning in new ways. Truncating vision to shorter term directional beacons can help to keep people motivated, engaged and feel accomplishment without losing sight of the big picture. Visions can be designed to find the sweet spot of stimulation and achievement before they get old. Then they can be adjusted incrementally or even radically, depending on your situation and stakeholder or funder needs. We can support your team or organization to dig into the common dilemma of how to simultaneously be strategic and fluid, and responsive to your clients and stakeholders. The last thing an organization needs is another strategic plan that is buried somewhere under a pile of dust-covered training manuals! >>Good ol’ fun retreats! (with a bit of learning thrown in) We design and deliver customized retreats for bonding and connection, especially valuable given remote work and staffing changes that are more common now than ever. We can integrate learning content on a range of topics around teams, dynamics, communication and conflict, so that in a learning environment, people can connect over a common theme, think critically together and, yes, be a bit silly together!


The mediation we offer is grounded in psychological health and safety. For people to come together and ‘collaborate’, i.e. suspend their agendas and be fully present to each other’s needs can be a huge ask. We pride ourselves on intuitively creating conditions that straddle the boundaries of safety and risk. This is what makes it transformative mediation. Most of our work centres around workplace conflict, group or team conflict. Whatever the setting or context, we start by slowing things down, by breaking cycles of reactivity and releasing the pressure to 'perform', to fit in or confront, so that the need to control something beyond our control, can be relaxed. When we offer clear direction and a respectful, civil process that role models cooperation and collaboration, people naturally experience what it feels like again to contribute in meaningful ways and to be part of their own solution. We offer on-line or in person sessions with individuals by preparing them for meditation and working with them and others through mediated conversations. We offer sessions for groups, going through similar design principles of creating conditions for safety to take risks and explore individual and collective vulnerability.


We offer a range of coaching focus areas depending on what you are looking for. Leaders and managers or anyone aspiring to grow into their careers can benefit from coaching. We equip people with the ability to apply new self-awareness and self-knowledge to everyday work and life. The application is often the hardest part. Shifting away from habits or patterns that aren’t that helpful any more, towards skills, performance or behaviours that better align with your aspirations or current situation. Whether it is a shift in how you communicate, handle conflict, lead groups, or manage your emotional world, there are many areas to explore in coaching. When done right, coaching is an opportunity to explore the treasure trove within you!


Topics we're asked about

We design custom learning experiences using a range of approaches for diverse learning needs. We can combine group and individual coaching, facilitated sessions and online or in person training sessions. We help clients find the right approach for the circumstances. Here's some of the topics we address most often:

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Mental Health

Conflict Handling

Psychological Health & Safety

Creating cultural conditions that support mental health and well-being.

Beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that support constructive conflict.

Creating the conditions for emotional vulnerability and self expression.



Tools & techniques to objectively & critically assess strategic opportunities that support vision, direction, mandate.

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Social Intelligence

Learning about multiple realities, expressing & responding with awareness.

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Group formation, decision-making, and processes that support repeatable, constructive group experience.

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Emotional Intelligence

Self awareness and capacity building for emotional connection with others.


We Work

  • Initial Meeting + Gathering Information
    You reached out to us for a reason and we are happy you did! Perhaps a change you want to see, a transition, a situation or pattern you want to shift. We ask questions, many! And we listen, intently, to learn about you, your organization, your experiences and reality that brought you to us. We learn how we fit with what you need, and how we can guide and structure our work together. This is listening and discovery time. Mutual learning, space to hear and incorporate perspectives.
  • Service Design
    We put on our creative design hats to get our imaginations all warmed up! This step involves co-designing with you so we align with the proposed work a ahead. We sketch out an initial service design that captures the project's intent. We imagine possible end states that can come from our collective work. This initial iteration details the scope, process, roles, responsibilities, timelines, deliverables and the anticipated investment.
  • Contracting
    We have crucial conversations with you about setting our collective work up for success. We review access to resources, including people, timing, tools and equipment, to support the delivery of our work together. This phase is crucial because it is about creating shared understanding of what it takes to design and support meaningful change. We articulate, negotiate and come to agreement on the conditions for success and our respective roles along the way.
  • Delivery
    We follow the blueprint set out in our contract, where consistent communication and check-ins is our norm. If changes are needed, we're quick to fine-tune. Our commitment is to continuous learning, adaptations and presence to the shifts, as people adjust and need varying levels of support along the way. To be good at our job, as guides, we stay just ahead and in view, but not too far ahead that we loose touch with what matters as we move through transition. Staying connected to and supporting needs as people move through change is an art.
  • Closure
    As we wind down, we focus on what it takes for changes, new behaviors, techniques, and processes to stick for as long as they are needed. We prepare and refine materials and resources to support your success and autonomy in the future. We make sure you have what you need for measurement or assessment tools should you need them for sustained change and progress monitoring.
  • Evaluation + Debrief
    As we close the project, we take a close look at what worked, any missed opportunities and where the unplanned benefits occurred. With your valuable feedback we check-in on how we collectively met our project aspirations and where possibilities lie for future upgrades in our approach. This stage is often one of the most important for learning and reflection on the macro experience of the project. Your insights play a pivotal role in shaping repeatable experiences for your future success with similar work and transformation.

Hear What Others Have to Say

Helen has been a tremendous help in allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. Her style of coaching combined with her attitude towards helping
people develop has provided me with the tools that I need to succeed. It has been
a pleasure working with her and I look forward to continuing to do so!

Matthew D., Senior Director

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the boundaries session including the guided meditation, self-reflections, and breakout room discussions. The session helped us identify ways to recalibrate, focus on healthy boundaries, and seek the things that re-energize us. It is really amazing we had this dedicated time for wellness and boundary setting. We really enjoyed it.

Danielle I., Mental Health Manager 
+ Team

Helen provides coaching that is personal, thoughtful and precise.  She has the ability to see my self-doubts and get to the crux of the issue. Her ability to truly understand and respond to any scenario is a rare gift and makes for an exceptional coaching experience!

Catherine V., Executive Director


About our projects and the kind of work we love to do with our clients.

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