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The relationships we develop with clients is crucial to unearthing the potential and influence we collectively mine in our work with you. Experiencing trust, acceptance and respect for what we each bring to the collaboration, that dynamic emergence of what is possible between two or more minds and hearts is where transformation lies. Trusting what we cannot know, we leave room for what we cannot anticipate or plan for, what we do not yet understand. Transformation can be small or large. It is the magic, the extra-ordinary brought about by the relational dynamic and the process we embark upon with you. 

We build the bridge together as we walk on it; designing, collaborating and risk-taking, finding openness to what we will learn and respond to along the way.


Helen Antebi


My background in Occupational Therapy and cognitive rehabilitation informs my coaching and mediation work. Prior to founding Helen Antebi Consulting, I owned a successful Occupational Therapy Practice in Ontario working with clients with acquired brain injury. I trained extensively, learning how the brain works and what it needs to heal, learn and adapt. Mental health and recovery were also a strong focus, supporting clients holistically through their transition to productive and meaningful lives post-injury and trauma.


In 2005 I transitioned my career with an initial qualification in executive coaching, complimenting my skillsets with certifications in psychometrics, transformative mediation and third party neutral facilitation, change management and virtual facilitation.

Emigrating from Glasgow, Scotland and blending cultural backgrounds has been challenging at times and offered me insight into roots, identity and belonging. This fine country of Canada embraced me with open coat of arms in 1987 (there is a wee British flag in the top left corner) 3 years to the date of my application. It has taken me many years to come to appreciate dual identities. While my Glaswegian roots remain strong in my heart and at times in my accent my instinct was to grow towards a light that attracted me. Life and work in Canada have been that light.

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Erika Wahlstrom, MSOD

Erika has a keen eye for design and attention to the small details, creating experiences uniquely shaped to clients' needs. She is known for her insatiable curiosity, digging deeper to uncover those elusive ‘aha’ moments. 

Erika brings 15 years experience in organization development and has a unique specialization in workplace mental health, wellness, visual design and  communications. As a certified coach, she focuses on behavior change that enhances creative and positive capabilities. Erika’s strength lies in developing immersive experiential learning where everyone feels they were part of the experience, should they choose to be!

Liz Wigfull, MA

Liz's delightful sense of humor surfaces with perfect timing! She voices the unsaid in a sensitive and timely way, facilitating a unique shared experience with participants.

In her 30-year career, she’s worked as a teacher, trainer, facilitator, and organizational leader, primarily focusing on group dynamics. Liz brings a wealth of experience in instructional design and delivery on a range of topics: intercultural communication, community development, conflict resolution, and workplace mental health. Liz emphasizes deepening relationships through co-creating dialogues to generate lasting solutions for clients.





We bring a curious lens to discover and explore what is yet to be known or made clearer so we can design processes and experiences accordingly.

Dynamic Learning

We are ever-learning as we stay present to your current and emerging needs. We build a process and design that leaves room for adaptation. 


Through intuition, feedback and check-ins, we stay aware of gaps, limits, strengths and potential so we can provide resonant on-time learning.


Our services. Imagination awaits.

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